Promotion of the Novel “The White Raven” in Podgorica Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 08:23
Promotion of the novel " The White Raven", by Borislav Jovanovic, published by the National Library of Montenegro "Đurđe Crnojević" was held on April 10 at “Perjanicki dom” in Podgorica. After Cetinje and Budva, this was the third promotion of “The Novel about Imaginary Library in Several Readings or Djurdje Crnojevic’s Chronicle”, what is the book’s subtitle.

"The White Raven" is the second novel of famous Montenegrin writer, literary critic and journalist,  Borislav Jovanović. It’s a work with a historical inspiration in which the character of the Montenegrin ruler, Djurdje Crnojevic, has been revived. In the same time, it’s a novel about the fate of books and one of the rear novels about the library.
During the promotion of “The White Raven”, Director of National Library of Montenegro, Jelena Djurovic, writer Miras Martinovic, literary critic Vlatko Simunovic, publicist Marijan Miljic, graphic designer Ana Matic and the very author spoke about the book.
Borislav Jovanović said that he feels like he has been writing “The White Raven” all his life. While still a child, he has believed that some book of Djurdje Crnojevic has been hiding in caves and gaps of the  Gradac hill.
- Đurdje Crnojevic is a person who has been my great literary and spiritual companion for decades.- said Jovanovic.
Director of NLM, Jelena Djurovic said that the Library is very proud and honored that "this rare and extremely valuable literary achievement" is the part of its publishing production, both for its literary and aesthetic values, and for the high civilization range of Djurdje Crnojevic.
- It’s like the novel of Borislav Jovanovic has until now been hidden in some secret treasury, along with the Djurdje Crnojevic’s Journal, and like we suddenly discovered him and gave wings to “The White Raven” to fly into the hands of readers. And the fate of readers of this novel is to become its heroes simply through reading it. The novel itself is a mystery and a great adventure for its readers and critics - said Djurovic.
The writer Miras Martinovic said that “The White Raven” is an atypical novel, by its form and topics that it deals with.
- The author of this book observes the history and fate of Montenegro in its totality, but also through the individual personalities and events. With this book Jovanovic made a magic circle in which he made room for eternal lasting of everything he mentioned- said Martinovic.
The literary critic Vlatko Simunovic thinks that only a great writer and a great reader could write a novel that is created from books and in books, and link it traditionally to an area where over the white ravens dominate the black ones.
Publicist and reviewer of “The White Raven”, Miljic Marijan, said that through the personality of Djurdje Crnojevic and other characters and by using a few key symbols, ranging from the homeland to the state, from ancient to modern days, he seeks for human and personal identity, for bloody secrets and truth.
Graphic designer Ana Matic, who artistically shaped covers of the book, talked about her quest for visual identification of Jovanovic’s white raven.